BoneCP Data Source Provider

The org.mybatis.guice.datasource.bonecp.BoneCPProvider is the provider that builds the com.jolbox.bonecp.BoneCPDataSource and helps users to configure it.

for Apache Maven users the BoneCP dependency is not transitive, so they have to take care about including it in their applications.

The table below contains all of the available properties for the Provider:; for more details please consult the Official reference.

org.mybatis.guice.datasource.bonecp.BoneCPProvider properties
Property Required Bind to Java Type
JDBC.driver true java.lang.String
JDBC.url true java.lang.String
JDBC.username true java.lang.String
JDBC.password true java.lang.String
JDBC.driverProperties false java.util.Properties
bonecp.acquireIncrement false int
bonecp.acquireRetryAttempts false int
bonecp.classLoader false ClassLoader
bonecp.closeConnectionWatch false boolean
bonecp.connectionHook false ConnectionHook
bonecp.connectionHookClassName false String
bonecp.connectionTestStatement false String
bonecp.disableConnectionTracking false boolean
bonecp.disableJMX false boolean
bonecp.driverProperties false Properties
bonecp.idleConnectionTestPeriod false long
bonecp.idleMaxAge false long
bonecp.initSQL false String
bonecp.lazyInit false boolean
bonecp.logStatementsEnabled false boolean
bonecp.maxConnectionAge false long
bonecp.maxConnectionAgeInSeconds false long
bonecp.maxConnectionsPerPartition false int
bonecp.minConnectionsPerPartition false int
bonecp.partitionCount false int
bonecp.poolAvailabilityThreshold false int
bonecp.poolName false String
bonecp.queryExecuteTimeLimit false int
bonecp.releaseHelperThreads false int
bonecp.serviceOrder false String
bonecp.statementReleaseHelperThreads false int
bonecp.statementsCacheSize false int
bonecp.timeUnit false TimeUnit
bonecp.transactionRecoveryEnabled false boolean